The teacher who was fired for hooking up with a former student has a new job (22 HQ Photos)

Esmee Rose, 24, the teacher that went viral for sharing a video of her hooking up with a former student on OnlyFans has hit headlines once again…for something different.  Esmee has now been hired by a private tutoring company that works with young men looking to better themselves not just in the classroom, but in the bedroom as well. You can step into Esmee’s […]

A Wife Got Her Husband The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift: A Collection Of Other Girls’ Pictures He Liked On Instagram

Now isn’t that the most romantic thing you’ve ever seen? While most of us thoughtless chumps bought flowers, candy, and a card from the local pharmacy, this queen gave her king a gift he will never forget. Don’t get me wrong, some nice roses and delectable chocolates can warm anybody’s heart/genitals. But when somebody gives you a homemade gift that […]