Strong, beautiful…oh yeah…and a U.S. Marine (14 Photos)

Strong, beautiful…oh yeah…and a U.S. Marine (14 Photos)

Meet a Texas gal that rocks…

This is Sarah Smith.

She loves playing out-doors and clearly spends time in the gym.

That’s probably because sexy Sarah is also a Marine.

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From Sarah Smith
“One of my biggest regrets in life will always be not living in the moment during my enlistment. I was always preparing for the next thing and never even made it to a Marine Corpse ball (besides the one they made us students go to during MOS school). I often wish I could go back and do it over, take more photos, go to every ball, and take advantage of those short days. Nonetheless I am proud to have earned the title and I am honored to know some other amazing people who have served this great nation. Thank you to all who have raised their right hand and sworn to defend this country.”

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