Texas Mom Delivers Textbook Tackle On Peeping Tom Caught Looking Through Her Daughter’s Window

Texans looking for a new middle linebacker? They might’ve just found one. According to Click2Houston, Phyllis Pena, a mom in Lake Jackson, Texas, returned home from the store when noticed some pervert peeking into the bedroom window of her fifteen year old daughter. She called the police who arrived on the scene and were able to locate him nearby. However, he […]

The teacher who was fired for hooking up with a former student has a new job (22 HQ Photos)

Esmee Rose, 24, the teacher that went viral for sharing a video of her hooking up with a former student on OnlyFans has hit headlines once again…for something different.  Esmee has now been hired by a private tutoring company that works with young men looking to better themselves not just in the classroom, but in the bedroom as well. You can step into Esmee’s […]